How to Enable Theme and Plugin Editor in WordPress

As a matter of course WordPress permits to alter the theme and plugin codes through the administrator board by default. Be that as it may, some time it handicap and we don’t how to empower this setting. In this instructional exercise we go let you know, how you can Enable Theme Editor and Plugin Editor in WordPress.

Enable Theme and Plugin Editors using in wp-config.php

You can empower the editors by changing your wp-config.php record. In the event that you utilize a Managed WordPress establishment, empowering the theme and plugin editor is right now not bolstered. Change from Managed WordPress to Standard WordPress.

We need to do couple of steps to enable the wordpress editors:

  • By using FTP OR SFTP go to the location of your WordPress site.
  • Open WordPress site's wp-config.php on your computer or laptop.
  • Now Search for below line with help of DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT keyword:

define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);

  • You just need to Change true value to false value as like below:

define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, false);

  • Now save the file and upload it again by using FTP OR SFTP.


Finally, the theme editor and plugin editors is now enable.
Go to your wordpress admin area and under Appearance Tab, You should need to see Theme Editor Option.
Same for Plugin Editor, You should need to go wordpress admin area and under Plugins Tab, You should need to see Plugin Editor Option.


Security Risks When Enabling the Editors

The primary hazard is that somebody could have picked up administrator access to your site. At the point when that occurs and you have your proofreader empowered, they could utilize that to include any code they need. By then they needn’t bother with SFTP access or anything like that, WordPress as of now gives all the entrance they have to change your site and misuse it.

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